If you are interested in helping the development of PHPInstaller, please
me to learn about sponsoring and/or programming support.

Would you like to have your PHP applications be as easy to install as any ordinary
Windows application?

You know the tedious process to install a PHP application today:

1. download the package
2. unzip, untar
3. read the installation manual
4. modify the config.php and other files
5. setup the database (what was that mysql command syntax again?)
6. run any additional scripts

Now, PHPInstaller limits this to step 1 & 2 - all the rest is a guided process, with
users entering or selection any configuration variable from a one-screen list, and
building SQL databases on the fly.

In its default distribution, PHPInstaller enables you to specify in one file:

- any configuration files to be modified
- any configuration variables and their values, including a proposal for a default
- any SQL commands to be run

PHPInstaller takes care of the rest - that is users point their browser to the
setup.php located in your application's install directory, and PHPInstaller
ensures configuration files are modified appropriately, and SQL commands
get executed in the manner envisioned.

If the default functionality is not enough, PHPInstaller provides many options
to cater for your needs. Either create your own installer pages, change the
processing options, or create your own installer all-together. PHPInstaller
comes complete with a Package and Installer classes that support you in
programming for your extentions.

Commercial support is available. If you require assistance in leveraging
PHPInstaller for your hosting/ASP site, within your software database
repository or your commercially distributed application - contact me

Demo available here (don't change db options)
Download from here (provided under the GNU Public Licence)